Edible Outcomes is composed of two different programs based in Minnesota: A middle school summer program in the Northfield Middle School and a neighborhood program in Faribault. We also are doing several one-time events at the elementary schools, senior center, young adults center, farms, youth centers and multicultural cooking clubs.The goal of both of the programs is to expose young people to healthy food and teach them how to prepare healthy food. In addition to teaching culinary we also teach either a nutritional, cultural or food science lesson.

We teach 2 classes a week through Northfield Middle school’s Summer BLAST program. Summer BLAST is programming that includes fun, hands-on activities that strengthen reading, math and social skills. Afternoon recreation opportunities will include sports, arts and crafts, music, swimming, guest speakers, and more. We teach two classes to two groups of 15-20 middle school students. Classes are held on Carleton College’s campus in a full kitchen set up.  http://nfld.k12.mn.us/academics/special/summer/

Neighborhood Programming in Faribault is organized by SHAC (So How Are the Children). It is held in two neighborhood locations with about 40 kids from ages 4-14 at each location. We also do two classes at each location a week. The classes are held outside in central neighborhood locations.  http://www.shac4youth.org/


We are also doing a mobile farmers’ market that connects low income families. For more information, click here: http://farmer2family.wordpress.com/


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